Vincent Bacote

I help Christians build bridges between faith and life through my speaking, teaching, writing and coaching

A short introduction

Dr. Vincent Bacote is an internationally recognized scholar, speaker, and author, as well as Professor of Theology and Director of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College (IL). He is eager to help individuals build strong connections between their beliefs and and every area of life.

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Speaking & coaching

What others say about Dr. Bacote

"Our culture is longing for voices that offer conviction, clarity, and compassion, helping us unify in the gospel without undermining important differences. Dr. Bacote achieved all of this when addressing our students and faculty. His words and presence have had a lasting impact on the way we understand Christian community that is both honoring and uncompromising."

 — David Trujillo, Academic Dean, Covenant Christian High School


"The CCO, a campus ministry based in Pittsburgh, Pa hired Dr. Bacote in the midst of an organizational to process to draft a statement that would articulate the CCO’s core value of “valuing God’s multiethnic kingdom.” Dr. Bacote’s wisdom and counsel gave clear direction to the staff that were charged with writing the statement. His theological expertise, his organizational wisdom and his own experience provided the CCO’s team with both insight and encouragement that allowed the team to engage these potentially divisive issues with both the care and the depth that following Jesus in this good creation demands. I would encourage any Christian organization that is struggling to know how to engage these issues to avail themselves of Dr. Bacote’s wisdom."

 — Sean Purcell, Education and Design Specialist with the Department of Transformative Opportunities, Coalition of Christian Outreach

"After reading a published article by Dr. Bacote, I was convinced that he would be the perfect person to deliver the Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday Celebration address at the annual event hosted by a local group – faces&voices.

We were not disappointed. Not only did he capture the attention of the attendees, but he also sparked the interest of many who lingered long after the event to enquire further of him.

Dr. Bacote’s knowledge and wealth of information were immeasurable and we quickly realized that the Dubuque community audience which comprised of mainly educators, city employees, and student from our three local colleges and universities would appreciate a second visit by Dr. Bacote.

Again, he did not disappoint. Dr. Bacote delivered a captivating message. His address was succinct yet germane.  It was once again well received. He would be one of our speakers that we would consider inviting for a third time!"

 — Rev. Timothy Bees, retired Pastor of First Baptist Church (Dubuque, IA)

"Vince is a deeply insightful thinker and compelling speaker on all matters related to the (often incendiary) intersection of faith, politics, and ethics. Amidst the angry din surrounding such subjects, he offers erudition, accessible analysis, and (an all too rare) gracious spirit. His works offer needed wisdom and guidance for leaders who seek to discern the connection of faith and life in turbulent times."

 — Cherie Harder, President, The Trinity Forum

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